Welcome to Sikkim!

Sikkim is simply enchanting. Whether you're gazing upon the white-gold peaks of mighty Khangchendzong (the world's third highest mountain) or responding to the shy smile of a Lepcha tea stall owner, it's not hard to understand why Buddhism, the gentle faith, remains rooted in this hard, but tranquil land. The Buddha is everywhere, in the exhilarating purity of the mountain air, the blue-green waters of the Teesta River and the dignified friendliness of Sikkim's people. Take your chance to stay in this serene place by booking a locally run Gangtok hotel.

For glimpses of a serene, joyful culture and landscapes of pristine beauty, all you have to do is get off the main roads.

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Sikkim is a border state in Northeast India. Its neighbours are Tibet to the north, Nepal in the west, Bhutan on its south-east and West Bengal to the south. Historically, Sikkim was a Buddhist kingdom, with most of its 250 monasteries belonging to the Nyingma-pa order. In the post colonial era, Sikkim was a semi-independent protectorate. In 1975, Sikkim joined the Indian Union as its 22nd state after the majority of the population voted in favour of the move.

Going around Sikkim, it's easy to forget there's a world outside. The rough terrain and long, hard winter makes road building an onerous task here. Just as well, since the signs of burgeoning, but unplanned tourism are already apparent in dismal, concrete blocks sprouting in traditionally picturesque little towns and overcrowding in the summer months. Yet, Sikkim remains one of India's cleanest states (no plastic bags allowed); also, the powers that be have woken up to the need for controlling tourism excess and introducing conservation measures in ecologically fragile areas. You can search for ecologically friendly Sikkim hotels on our site, there are a ton of hotels in Gangtok with high international standards.

Hotels in Sikkim can be searched for via our Sikkim map,which gives the locations of all our available accommodation in the region. Also take the opportunity to search out any of the amazing Sikkim tours we have listed for you.

There are many joys in the things to see and do in Sikkim. For the seeker of spiritual truth, there are some Sikkim's monasteries that back a few centuries, and are places where one may find inner healing and solace from the madness of modern existence. Nature lovers have much to explore and delight in when on tour in Sikkim - it is home to some 600 species of orchids and has an enviably diverse wildlife population. For others, there's the sheer joy of pitting the body against tough, physical challenges, whether it's negotiating mighty snow peaks and treacherous rapids or biking through steep valleys. There are a multitude of tours in Sikkim that are operated by locals, and can be personalised to all types of travellers.

Enjoy a glass of millet beer at a village bar. Flower-strewn slopes, steep gorges and cascading waterfalls vie for a place in the heart along with the soft tinkle of temple bells and a simple way of life. This is as close as you'll get to Shangri-La, and it all starts with getting the search for the ideal Sikkim hotel and Sikkim tour underway!